Combatting Anti-Asian Hate

Combatting Anti-Asian Hate 打擊反亞裔仇恨

Statement in Parliament About Anti-Asian Hate:

Speech at Fight Anti-Asian Hate Protest

UBC Panel

Throughout the pandemic, the Greater Vancouver Area saw an increase of anti-Asian hate crime by over 700%.

This alarming number compelled me to respond by speaking up in Parliament and at local protests, consulting with law enforcement, and reaching out to Canadians of Asian heritage in the Lower Mainland.

In this process, I spoke with Translink, the President of UBC, and elected officials to discuss accountability and justice. At times I intervened for victims with the RCMP and other authorities.

No one should be afraid of walking in their own neighbourhood. Adult children should not have to call their elderly parents to tell them to stay home because they might be attacked by racists. There’s no justification for racial slurs, physical violence or vandalism against any individual or community.

I stand in solidarity with all who are struggling because of racism and I am committed to promoting awareness and helping victims find their justice.

Anti-Asian hate, along with hate crime, have no place in Canada. But it is difficult to prosecute hate crime for a number of reasons. One of the barriers is the fact that hate crime incidents first need to receive consent from the Attorney General for prosecution to follow. This process has no guaranteed outcome and would require legislation to amend.

I will continue to consult with local stakeholders, authorities, and other legislators to help victims of Asian hate and other forms of racism find justice and the support they need.                   


Combatting Anti-Asian Hate 打擊反亞裔仇恨


















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