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Treating Mental Health as Health – the Canada Mental Health Action Plan

Mental health and addiction were serious problems long before COVID hit. After a year of lockdowns
made them worse, these are crises that our government needs to address. Canadians are suffering and
dying. It’s time for real action – and a new approach.

Canada’s Conservatives will introduce the Canada Mental Health Action Plan that will:
• Propose to the provinces that they partner with us by dedicating a significant portion of the
stable, predictable health funding to mental health to ensure that an additional million Canadians
can receive mental health treatment every year;
• Encourage employers to add mental health coverage to their employee benefit plans by offering
a tax credit for 25% of the cost of additional mental health coverage for the first three years;
• Create a pilot program to provide $150 million over three years in grants to non-profits and
charities delivering mental health and wellness programming; and
• Create a nationwide three-digit suicide prevention hotline.
Supporting Canadians Suffering from Addiction
Canada’s Conservatives will treat the opioid epidemic as the health issue that it is. We believe that law
enforcement should focus on dealers and traffickers. The last thing that those suffering from addiction
should have to worry about is being arrested. Any interaction the government has with them should
focus on keeping them safe and helping them recover.

To help more Canadians recover from addiction, Canada’s Conservatives will revise the federal
government’s substance abuse policy framework to make recovery its overarching goal. We will reorient
the Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy towards ensuring that everyone suffering from addiction
has the opportunity to recover and to lead a drug-free life and that all policies that fall under the
Strategy have the reduction of harm and promotion of recovery as their objectives.

To realize this goal, we will:
• Invest $325 million over the next three years to create 1,000 residential drug treatment beds
and build 50 recovery community centres across the country.
° This will give spaces to those who suffer from addiction, their families, and those who have
recovered where they can get the help they need and support each other.
• Support innovative approaches to address the crises of mental health challenges and addiction,
such as land-based treatment programs developed and managed by Indigenous communities
as part of a plan to enhance the delivery of culturally appropriate addictions treatment and
prevention services in First Nations communities with high needs.
• Partner with the provinces to ensure that Naloxone kits are available for free across Canada.

Take Action

Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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